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How Jesus Changes Lives

Mikeshin Igor

How Jesus Changes Lives: Christian Rehabilitation in the Russian Baptist Ministry is the study of a rehabilitation ministry for the addicted people called Good Samaritan, run by the Russian Baptist Church. The study scrutinizes a two-dimensional process of Christian Rehabilitation. This process consists of two aspects: bodily detoxication through prolonged isolation, and radical moral transformation through conversion to Christianity. This twofold process corresponds to the twofold nature of substance use dependence: biochemical and psychological. The narrative of conversion is constructed upon the literalist reading of the particular translation of Scripture—Russian Synodal Bible— impacted by the 16th (Martin Luther) and 17th century (Jacobus Arminius and the Remonstrants) Protestant dogmatics and Russian historical and sociocultural context. The narrative of rehabilitation is also impacted by the street, junkie, and prison experience of the rehabilitants and their elders, who hold the authority to interpret Scripture.

Research Series in Anthropology

KustantajaResearch Series in Anthropology (Helsinki University)
JulkaisusarjatResearch Series in Anthropology
UlkoasuA5, Pehmeäkantinen kirja
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