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Out of the brackets.

Gengre as compositional pattern in contemporary Art.

Rantanen Silja

Silja Rantanen’s groundbreaking research work opens up a multifaceted perspective on the meaning of composition in contemporary art. Rantanen’s starting point in her study is the observation that the form of works has received negligible attention in art research for years and the significance of artistic composition is currently even being denied by stating that conceptual artworks have no formal language. As Rantanen persuasively demonstrates, the formalist theory created at the beginning of the 20th century has been found to be outmoded, but a new and more modern conception of the meaning of form in art has not grown out of this former critique. Rantanen in her study starts from the premise that the genres of contemporary art or compositional forms are still based on formal solutions even when they are said to be formless.

JulkaisusarjatAcademy of Fine Arts at the University of Arts Helsinki
Ulkoasu220×280 kovakantinen